Your hands and feet, your eyes and ears in Moscow or anywhere else in Russia. From small errands to major assignments, from one-time jobs to ongoing support, from delivering a present to checking identity to generating a report on market opportunities. Whatever you need something done in this area of the world but can’t be present here yourself I may be the one to talk to.

The site is in transition and  a mess. Against conventional wisdom that that only the final product needs be shown to the public I will keep materials available during inevitable construction mess to help you understand what I have been doing since 1994 and if and how I can be of help. Those who are looking for “professionalism” understood as polish and glamour are not my clients anyway. My type prefers to see food in the making and and enjoys a peak in the backstage.

Below you will find fragments that are on their way to be sorted. Follow the menu above or categories in the sidebar. Use the Search function above. And of course write to any time. I usually respond fast. If the matter is TRULY URGENT call me at +7 985 217 3241.


My first official web-mastering job

The site is, and my role is to take care of registration and hosting issues, to make sure the site it up most of the time and opens fast, to develop the basic structure and make changes as requested and actively propose them, to show users how to add info and to encourage them to do so. Started in July 2013 and seems to be going well so I’m adding this small project to the list of examples.

Inconsistent or erratic site behaviour? Cache may be acting up.

Today was a day of panic. After repeated login attempts coming from Tianjin, Tangshan, and Quihuan-whatever my started acting erratically. Post hoc ergo propter hoc thought I and proceeded to frantically change passwords and look for sabotage by the evil Chinese. The problem turned out to be not Gookies incessantly trying to penetrate my site to insert ads for LED lights or scooter parts but W3 Total Cache. Specifically, Page Cache cannot be Disk: Enhanced. Continue reading

Chinese mother f*ckers with their attacks on my login pages!

Fuck PC but just discovered (what an embarrassing oversight!) that the bulk of traffic is of Chinese origin and it aims at the login page! Found a small utility called cPHulk, changed settings (a) to block the address after three attempts and (b) to notify me of such attempts. Now getting a notice of a login attempt every few hours. Usually form China. Next comes another rogue, Russia.

The moral is MAKE YOUR PASSWORD HARD TO GUESS. Look at statistics. Learn how to block IP addresses. To me that attacks on login pages are happening several times a day was a shock.


PS. Now looking at to block the entire country. The problem is that in the last year I had two exemplary Chinese clients, and I’d hate to turn these away. Commercially two $300 clients don’t make much of a difference. I was however denied service myself because I am from Russia a recognized bad news country, and it was not pleasant at all. Doing same to a good Chinese would not be nice to put it very mildly. Thinking of ways to reduce incessant activity coming from Far East without resorting to such a drastic measure as blocking the whole region. I’d love to hear from fellow losers trapped in having to run websites without proper training and qualifications about a simple effective solution that requires no computer skills.

Three new Russian brides from Ryazan

That’s one of them, 20, from Moldova, now residing in Ryazan. Single, available, to the best of my knowledge never advertised herself on international dating sites where both men and women quickly learn about their true worth and replaceability. Treasures those who are naive to the scene.

Just added three new “Russian brides” in under Ryazan. Just a reminder to write in a civilized way using English not too remote from what constitutes the standard, and be prepared to make a suitable site upkeep contribution, and I’ll provide contact details.

Sorry to say in my last attempt to compile and advertise single Russian women I’ve encountered more assholes within two weeks that I’m prepared to meet in three years. 

.html splash page with WordPress installed in the root

Why? WordPress can fail, .html will not. Unless of course WordPress takes the whole server down with it. Still, you can turn WP off and still keep the .html facade saving. Then it is the issue of speed. Your .html welcome page will open instantly no matter how bad the internet. Third, it is freedom to do whatever you want to the code, direct or via an old editor like WordPress.

The issue? It is that index.htm and index.php conflict. You will not be able to have an index.htm page open and then follow a link to index.php. NO, CONTRARY TO POPULAR ADVICE RENAMING INDEX.HTM INTO WELCOME.HTM OR WHATEVER WON’T HELP.

Here is the procedure, compiled from several sources and tested 3-4 times: Continue reading