Answered from instantly
to within hours

For emergency or near-emergency use only:
+7 985 217 3241.
I never turn my phone off. It is always with me. If the situation is serious I'm there to help any time of day or night.
But please use the phone only as intended, when the matter is truly urgent.






 & elsewhere in Russia

Errands, services, assistance, support.
Hiring me is the next best thing
to being here yourself.

Need to look up a telephone number or an address? An item found and shipped? A gift delivered? A quick translation? An interpreter well versed in technical subjects and able to master new topics fast? Looking secretarial support or a virtual office? Quick and cheap identity checks. All formats of interviews, including hidden interviews. Information searches and compilation of reports. Visits to trade shows or manning your booth. An extensive network of reliable and knowledgeable friends and associates if for some reason I cannot do the job myself. Personal services, e.g. search for relatives, family roots, and graves. Advice for Russian bride seekers. Based in Moscow, often travel to Tver region or to the Kola peninsula, contacts in many cities. Able to travel on the spur of the moment throughout most of the FSU and the rest of the world with no visa formalities. If you are going to visit Russia, count on me for all-around traveller support, from trip planning to sending an invitation and visa registration to  assistance with accommodation. A quick and practical Moscow orientation tour. Easy problem resolution. Anything and everything to make your Russia friendly, accessible, efficient and hassle-free, and of course not as outrageously expensive as this country often appears to be.

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